Audience Development in the Blean woods near Canterbury

Working with Kent Wildlife Trust, we developed a picture of The Blean’s ‘audience’ profile and identified missing and potentially new groups.

In Summer 2005 we completed an Audience Development Plan for one of Kent Wildlife Trust's sites in the Blean woods near Canterbury. The woods form one of the largest tracts of ancient semi-natural woodland in England and as such are nationally recognised as extremely valuable for the habitats and species they support.

Consultation over the summer included interviews with Trust staff, key informant phone interviews, site visitor surveys, town based consultation, postal members' survey and stakeholder workshops.

Research developed a picture of the area’s resident population so that the existing ‘audience profile' revealed by visitor surveys could be compared with the local population to identify missing and potentially new audiences.

Comparison was also made with previous research such as that carried out as part of the Government’s Diversity Review which deals with access to the countryside as perceived by different groups within society. The study also consulted with non-users of the woodland to identify barriers to use.

The resulting Audience Development Plan looked at how the woods could be zoned in order to satisfy both nature conservation and human involvement objectives.

Suggested projects were aimed at encouraging greater use and understanding by the existing audience as well as developing the interest and awareness of new audiences.

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