CDF Policy Development support

In 2009 Irene was delighted to extend her long standing associate relationship with the Community Development Foundation by taking on a new role; supporting policy development.

CDF commissioned Irene to research and draft two evidence-based policy briefings, in order to support CDF’s work with senior government officials and community development practitioners

The first part of the work inviolved writing a research paper exploring the link between community cohesion and empowerment in the context of the recession, and showing the value of community development approaches. The findings from this were used in a CDF workshop at CLG, open to all staff and offering participants the chance to learn about the research and to spend time reflecting on how the findings related to their own roles.

The second part of the work was a literature review of resource materials produced during Year one of the National Empowerment Partnership, focusing on drawing out learning about community empowerment practice and theory. This work provided CDF with valuable knowledge of the National Empowerment Partnership resources and displayed the information in a format that will be more easily useful in their work. It also gave CDF a much better understanding of what their empowerment activities have achieved and will become a valuable source of learning and information for NEP participants.

This work built on, and contributed to, Resources for Change’s track record and knowledge of community development policy, as well as the links between community empowerment and cohesion, and has since led to further work with CDF in this area.

To find out more about this work please contact Irene Evison.