Cley to Salthouse Living Landscape Project Evaluation

R4C has been appointed to undertake the evaluation of this landscape-scale conservation project which is funded by HLF under their Heritage Grant programme.

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust requires an evaluation of the impact of new visitor and education facilities, activities and events programme, formal education programme and improved access arrangements in respect of the achievement of project outcomes which are to:

•      inspire people to learn about and understand the value of Norfolk’s exceptional coastline and habitats;

•      help people understand the need for conservation management and its importance, specifically in relation to coastal heritage; and

•      give people increased and better access to Norfolk’s coastline habitats and wildlife.

We have been busy talking to lots of staff, visitors and other stakeholders which has been extremely interesting.  You can find out more about the project on the NWT website.

For more information about what we have been doing contact Mike

Popes Marsh

Popes Marsh - image by Nicky Talbot of the NWT