Coastal Communities Adapting to Change (CCATCH)

CCATCH - the Solent is part of a larger European funded community engagement project that has been led by the Environment Agency called ‘Coastal Communities 2150 and Beyond’ (CC2150)' the aim of which was to develop approaches to engaging vulnerable communities who are at risk from coastal change. Hampshire County Council led the CCATCH project, which also included the Environment Agency, Natural England, Solent coastal authorities, Channel Coastal Observatory and the Solent Forum.

R4C were originally contracted to provide facilitation services for the delivery of the Engagement Strategies with the 5 communities being supported by the project in Hampshire; St Deny’s in Southampton, Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, Solent Breezes Holiday Park in Fareham, Langstone and the Royal Victoria Country Park. This involved close working with the Local Engagement Group and designing and facilitating community engagement events.

This community involvement was vital to make sure that views were heard and knowledge shared. We provided opportunities for local people to get involved via workshops, public exhibitions, education programmes and demonstrations of resilience measures. Each community was encouraged to develop a vision for the area and agree an Adaptation Plan to take forward agreed actions for the short, medium and long terms. The Adaptation Plan helps the community adapt to future change, thereby reducing the negative and enhancing the beneficial consequences of coastal change. For more information about the approach adaptation planning -  take a look at

In two of these communities we took on a more comprehensive role as a ‘Interim Project Manager’ which came about due to personnel changes in the County Council. In this instance we were embedded in the Local Authority project team supporting the breadth of delivery including community and stakeholder liaison, project planning, logistical support and project promotion and communication.

For more information on this project read how we have been involved previously here or contact Mike

R4C were also contracted to research and write a Lessons Learnt Report for the overarching EU project. This involved undertaking stakeholder and partner interviews in the Netherlands, Belgium, France & UK to develop and understanding of the strengths & weaknesses of the project and the key lessons that those involved feel have a wider application. A copy of this report can be downloaded here.