Planning for the Future of the Daniel Owen Community Centre

Over the spring and summer of 2014 we worked with the Daniel Owen Community Centre in Mold to produce a business plan to help meet their aspirations for a thriving hub at the heart of their community.

This involved reviewing how things had been and were working at the centre, consulting local stakeholders for their opinions and researching the local context. However, as the work began issues of governance, decision-making and trustee-staff relations arose which changed the direction of the work, and we focused on improving these areas to ensure sustainability and viability.

Through visiting other centres, and holding workshops to draw out the issues, we developed three clear options for trustees to decide upon. Once a decision has been made we will be going back to help with financial planning for the option chosen.

At R4C we believe it is important to respond to the needs of the client, which includes changing the plan if necessary. In organisational development it is common for challenges such as those experienced by the Centre to come to light and they need to be addressed before the organisation can move forwards.

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Daniel Owen Community Centre

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