Evaluation of Dartmoor Mires Project 

In 2015 R4C was contracted by the Dartmoor National Park Authority to carry out an independent evaluation of the Dartmoor Mires project. This was a partnership initiative to investigate the feasibility and effects of the restoration of degraded blanket bog. The five year pilot project began in 2010 and finished on 31st March 2015. It has been led by Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) in partnership with Natural England (NE), the Duchy of Cornwall, Dartmoor Commoners’ Council, the Environment Agency (EA), and South West Water (SWW), which has provided the majority of the funding under its Upstream Thinking Initiative.

The evaluation determined that the projects key achievements were:

The Evaluation also reviewed both strengths and weaknesses of the project delivery identified some key lessons that should be considered in any plans for future Peatland Restoration projects:

Mike & Irene found this to be a very interesting project to work on. Firstly, it reiterated the challenges of addressing landscape change when that landscape is valued passionately by many people with a wide range of interests. Secondly, they felt that we were witnessing a group of people grappling with the future. If Payment for Ecosystem Services is going to be a reality, then the sorts of issues that the Dartmoor Mires Project has been trying to address both in terms of techniques and ways of organising are going to be part of the way land might be managed in the future. 

For more infomation on the evaluation contact Mike.

You can find out more about the project on the DNPA website