Dartmoor Wool product development

In early 2014 Dartmoor National Park Authority and the Dartmoor Hill Farm Project engaged R4C to research how local hill farmers could get more value from the wool of sheep grazed on Dartmoor, assessing the potential for product development. In this day and age where synthetic materials are the norm, the wonders of wool have passed many people by. Also, people may not make the connection between the sheep they see grazing on the moors and the shape and nature of the local landscape. The Dartmoor Hill Farm Project aims to support hill farmers for the benefit of their farm businesses and the National Park.

In partnership with Chrissie Menzies, who runs Wonderwool Wales and is a talented felting designer-maker, we carried out an initial scoping exercise to consider a wide variety of potential product and service options, looking at their commercial potential and the processing requirements. Having prioritised a number of these in terms of their commercial potential and the likely suitability for the hill farmers, we then undertook more detailed market research, leading to recommendations to support client decision-making for development.

We hope that this information now puts the Project’s farmers on a firm footing for making decisions about how they will develop their businesses through adding value to their sheep’s fleeces.

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