First Steps 

The First Steps programme aims to help 115 communities to identify important local issues and develop community action plans, supporting groups that are in the earlier stages of development or ‘stepping up a gear’. We have been contracted by the Community Development Foundation to support six groups in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire through this process.  The groups we are working with include those based in a distinct geographical community as well as those working with communities of interest, such as recently settled refugees. The groups are at various stages, so the support they need from the R4C Relationship Managers is tailored to their needs.

R4C also delivered some of the training on this programme, introducing them to tools and techniques they can take back and use with their communities; these courses include Understanding your Neighbourhood and Listening to your Community both of which received very positive feedback. Typical comments received from attendees were:

“Thank you for this, I learnt a lot”

“I enjoyed the participative nature of this training” 

The groups are currently undertaking consultation with local people in order to develop their draft action plans, and honing their skills, and using tools and techniques supported by their Relationship Managers, which they can use into the future.  

You can find out more about how we are supporting the communties by contacting Cerys

To find out more about the programme visit CDF's website