Lightfoot/Household Energy Service (HES)

Lightfoot, which runs HES, helps householders to cut energy costs and carbon. By 2011 the successful CIC was losing momentum and performance and cohesion were declining. As long-term joint chair, Helen brought in R4C colleagues to diagnose the situation and propose changes, consulted all stakeholders and instigated a new structure.

The organisation has now turned round, led by a new interim manager (Alison Davies), the team are working together dynamically and have extended their offer to business and community buildings as well as households. They have recently completed successful delivery of two substantial grants from DECC, and have secured ongoing funding, in the longer term aiming to bcome less reliant on grants.

Lightfoot advice

Following R4C’s assistance with ongoing management of the organisation, Lightfoot asked Steve to provide additional organisational development support to help develop strategic thinking for evaluation of their overall project success. The main purpose was to improve organisational learning on community led energy initiatives.

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For more information on Lightfoot and HES services visit their website