North Sea Oil & Gas decommissioning

Decommissioning is becoming an increasingly significant activity for operators on the UK Continental Shelf.  All decommissioning operations must have a licence from the UK Government (BEIS), and to obtain one they need to be able to demonstrate that they have engaged with all relevant stakeholders and show how they have dealt with the issues raised. The engagement process is expected to be proportionate to the scale and complexity of the decommissioning operation. The industry has produced Guidelines on Stakeholder Engagement for Decommissioning Activities, which serve as a central reference for operators, so that consistent good practice in stakeholder engagement can prevail throughout the oil and gas sector. 

R4C personnel have been designing and delivering effective stakeholder engagement for companies undertaking decommissioning for over 10yrs and are currently involved in three major decommissioning programmes

Brent Field, working with Shell Uk (and co-venturers Exxon) - R4C has supported the engagement aspects of the Brent Field Decommissioning programme for 3 years; however, Mike King and Erica Sutton had worked on the project since 2008. R4C works closely with the Brent Decommissioning Project Team and Shell’s External Relations team to help shape the stakeholder engagement process that is informing the Decommissioning Programme.  At regular intervals R4C designs and facilitates stakeholder workshops to address issues such as gravity base structure cell contents analysis, or provide an update to stakeholders on progress. More information can be found at:

Atlantic & Cromarty Gas Field Decommissioning - BG Group (and co-venturers Hess Ltd) are developing a decommissioning programme for the Atlantic & Cromarty Gas Field in the Moray Firth region off the Scottish Coast. The Decommissioning Programme has to be able to demonstrate proportionate consultation and engagement with Stakeholders.  At the end of November 2014 R4C designed and facilitated a stakeholder event for the BG Group that focused on the ideas for decommissioning the nearshore pipelines that were used to bring Gas from the well to the onshore facilities. The Decommissioning Plan was submitted in September 2016, which can be found at: Cromarty_-_Draft_DP_for_Consultation_-_20_September_2016.pdf

Armada Hub Decommissioning: BG Group (and co-venturers Centrica) is currently evaluating decommissioning options for the Armada gas condensate fields and tied back fields, associated pipelines and production facilities.  As part of the decommissioning pre-planning for the Armada Hub BG engaged R4C to design and facilitate two stakeholder workshops in 2016.  The first ‘scoping’ workshop looked at all the issues under consideration, the second focussed on the likely environmental impact.

For more information on R4C’s Stakeholder engagement services for the decommissioning industry please contact Mike or download our brochure

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