Presteigne Facilitation Project

Project Presteigne Memorial Hall - Small is Beautiful!

In September 2006 R4C empowered a rural community through a local facilitation project that was very significant for the client and for this charming town in the Welsh Borders.

Working for Presteigne & Norton Town Council, we were commissioned to design and deliver a public consultation meeting including an audit of existing community facilities.

The Memorial Hall is the main public hall in Presteigne but it has a doubtful future. Before any decisions could be made, there was a clear need for audit of community facilities and consultation of user groups and managers of community buildings, as well as the wider public. However, there were also concerns about disruption of the meeting by hostile elements or domination by a few people with a lot to say - the Hall evokes strong feelings!

In a short space of time, our facilitation drew out a wealth of information, using the knowledge, expertise and opinions of the attendees to the full.

We designed the work to be as accessible as possible. Therefore, the audit was very visual and generated lots of discussion. The attendees gained from sharing ideas and information in discussions about options for the hall.

The client got good results to use in future planning, and all involved gave their opinions and heard others in a good-natured and friendly process. The Hall committee have now endorsed the need to redevelop the building and funding bids are in preparation.

If you would like to know more about this project or about other facilitation and empowerment work, please contact Helen Fairweather.

presteigne memorial hall