Public engagement into the value of Ecosystem Goods and Services

As part of their work in support of the Cambrian Mountains Initiative, CCW, in conjunction with Landuse Consultants and Bangor University, recently undertook a DEFRA funded 'Adaptive Landscapes' project that looked at how the best areas for mitigation measures against the impacts of climate change could be mapped across a number of river catchments in the north‐west of the Cambrian Mountains region using a poly‐mapping tool.  

To compliment and develop this work CCW, with the Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre (ERC), contracted Resources for Change (R4C) in 2010 to design and run public engagement into the perception and value of Ecosystems Goods and Services (EGS) within the study area; the north Cambrian Mountains.

This was achieved in conjunction with local community organisations, ‘Menter groups’, under contract to R4C. It was decided to focus on how EGS are perceived to be changing, and if land use planning could help build local resilience and adaptation to these changes.

From this, the work investigated what needs to change in engagement, management (e.g. grants, support, strategic land management) and policy terms to improve this process.

The whole process used visual and interactive approaches with a cross section of local people and policy and decision makers discussing the need for land use planning and how engagement, management and policy could be improved. There was also a will to continue the process in the Cambrians with the Menter groups proving useful local facilitators to enable the building of local capacity. 

For more information about this work, please contact Steve Evison.

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You can download a case study summary of the project by clicking here

And a copy of the final presentation here