Riverside Market Garden

In March 2015 Irene began a review of the Riverside Market Garden project, including a pilot (funded by Welsh Government’s Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme) for diversification into micro-leaves, crackers, packet soups and a permaculture inspired forest garden with rare varieties of apple trees and perennial fruits.. The directors were aware of just how much they had learnt during the pilot, and used the review to draw out this learning, as well as to gather the views of staff, volunteers and customers. The work included the initial planning with the trustee board and information gathering from a wide variety of stakeholders including trustees, staff, volunteers, restaurant and individual customers

In June Irene spent a day with trustees, growers, volunteers and shareholders as part of the evaluation to share the learning and the workshop was a rare opportunity to draw together lots of different perspectives. The discussions enriched the evaluation findings and analysis that Irene and Alison presented to the Board, and we hope that our forthcoming report will prove a useful addition for their forward planning.

Riverside has had funding from Welsh Government’s Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme, which has enabled the project to try out some new ventures to try to help them achieve commercial viability. The diversification trials include micro-leaf salads, packet soups and crackers, and a permaculture-

The evaluation report enabled Riverside to complete their commitment to their funder and provided important source material for their internal strategic planning for the future of the market garden.

We provided an external and quite different perspective on their situation and the opportunities they have and helped them look beyond the day to day.

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This community-owned organic horticulture enterprise, near Cardiff, is promoting sustainable lifestyles and wellbeing, to strengthen local communities and make them more resilient, and creating a replicable model for a viable small-scale horticulture enterprise contributing to increased food security in South East Wales.

For those of you who like locally grown vegetables and are in the vicinity of Cardiff, check out Riverside Market Garden’s stall at the Sunday Farmer’s Market there – we can vouch for the tastiness of their salad crops!