Secrets of the Sands Audience Development & Interpretation Plan

At the end of 2015 the Secrets of the Sands Landscape Partnership commissioned The R4C team, working in partnership with the interpretation consultancy 'Telltale', to deliver a combined Audience Development & Interpretation Plan.

We used out pop-up consultation stalls to consult not only people who were already living or visiting the Greensand Ridge but also those in the surrounding towns of Milton Keynes and Bedford. The data generated enabled us to develop a 'typology' of audience engagement and to recommend approaches to increasing or changing the way different parts of the local population engaged with the landscape.

The Landscape Partnership was particularly interested in reaching out to new audiences, especially those groups that traditionally had been considered 'harder to reach'.  Through our stakeholder analysis we identified a range of organisations that work and support these groups and using a process of semi-structured interviews we were able to develop an understanding of the barriers that would need addressing if a particular group was to engage successfully with the Greensand Ridge landscape.

Working closely with Telltale we were able to provide an integrated package, ensuring that the Audience Development research and the insights gained by the R4C research team directly informed the Interpretation messages and approach being recommended.

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The Greensand Ridge in Bedfordshire, which stretches from Milton Keynes in the West to Sandy in the East is a very important local landscape. It rises from a very flat clay vale and forms a significant landscape feature that can be seen by large numbers of people living in the nearby towns of Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes and Bedford. However it is relatively unknown outside of a few popular sites such as Woburn and Ampthill Park.

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We were really pleased to hear that the Landscape Partnership was successful in its application to Heritage Lottery Fund;In February 2017 they were awarded £1.66 million