State of Natural Resources Report for Natural Resources Wales

This report is designed to start the discussion and process of how we can improve the evidence base to inform the preparation of the State of Natural Resources Report (SoNaRR).

In September 2015 the R4C team started work with NRW to help them develop the State of Natural Resources report for Wales. This is a fascinating piece of work since it encompasses how we use and value our natural resources, not just a summary of the current land use and species. R4C is already helping to frame the questions and process to support the development of the report and will be helping to facilitate the process as well as some of the meetings. This will enable NRW to utilise engagement practices to maximise involvement in gathering evidence and knowledge from across stakeholders.

The main findings summary was published in March 2016 is available via the NRW’s media page

It has been prepared to inform the passage of the Environment Bill (Welsh Government) through the National Assembly. The report provides a snapshot of the main challenges that we will need to address if we are to achieve the goals of managing our natural resources sustainably and reversing the decline in our biodiversity by maintaining and enhancing healthy and resilient ecosystems.

The first full State of Natural Resources Report will be published in autumn 2016.

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