Spirit of 2012

In 2015 Cerys completed a case study of the first years progress of a large UK wide project funded by Spirit of 2012, as part of three year evaluation of this lottery funded trust. We are supporting InFocus Solutions concentrating on how this project is working across the UK, but with a special focus on Wales. 

Spirit of 2012 is an independent trust, working to recreate the spirit that radiated from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by investing in events as catalysts for change for people and communities across the UK.  It promotes wellbeing and social cohesion and challenges limiting perceptions of disability by funding partners that provide opportunities in sports, physical activity, arts and culture, volunteering and social action.

R4C concentrated on the Asda Active Sports Leaders Project, a three way partnership between Asda, ukactive and Sports Leader UK.  The project plans to extend the delivery of the Sports Leader scheme into new areas geographically, and also plans to use different sports and activities in order to attract a wider range of participants.  The Sports Leader qualification includes a significant level of volunteering, both in sports clubs but also in community setting such as after school clubs and youth centres. 

The project is delivered mainly through schools and colleges, and has included a pilot study in Wales in the first year, looking at increasing the numbers of Sports Leaders with disabilities.   The review of the first year will be published as a case study, and work on evaluating the second year began in late 2015.

2016 is the second year of a three year evaluation of this programme. This year’s detailed case study focused on Voluntary Arts, a UK and Ireland wide body which supports and promotes community based creative activity in a range of ways.  Voluntary Arts staff support groups to become sustainable and advise them as to where they can receive specialist arts / creative support for their activities.  The organisation also runs the Epic Awards, where this years winners included Pimp my Uke, a project where Men’s Sheds groups were given ukulele kits to build and decorate, together with lessons in playing the instrument, culminating in a public performance at St Davids Hall Cardiff; and Strike a Chord, a choir for people who have had a stroke, who won the people’s award, voted for by members of the public.  The other major activity is Voluntary Arts week, where people participate in projects ranging from working with wool, community choirs (with members from aged 3 – 75) , craft workshops led by people with mental ill health and a host of other activities.  See www.voluntaryarts.org  www.epicawards.org www.voluntaryartsweek

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