Training in Evaluation for the Rural Stress Information Network (RSIN) Women's Project

In 2004/2005 R4C work on a focussed and participatory evaluation of a long-term project; reaping benefits for all stakeholders.

The Women’s Project ran for three years in England and Wales and was funded by the Department of Health and Lloyds TSB Foundation. The context of the project was foot and mouth disease and the recognition by RSIN of the central role women play in family and community health.

Resources for Change worked closely with the RSIN staff team in detailing the purpose of the evaluation, and how to gauge how well the project had performed. This included running training courses for staff on evaluation techniques including; identifying the objectives of the project, the outputs and activities and deciding on how to collect information and who from.

Working closely with the staff team and hearing directly from beneficiaries and partners gave clear and direct feedback on how much the project was valued and lessons on how such a project could be run more effectively in the future.

The full involvement of the staff team enabled them to reflect fully and learn from their experience of running the project.

For more information on this project and other evaluation work we do, please contact Irene Evison.