UMACC Community-led Plan

Over 18 months in 2013/4, we supported the UMACC community group - Underdale, Monkmoor and Abbey - in Shrewsbury to put together their community-led (neighbourhood) plan. Irene acted as a mentor and advisor to the group, designing a suitable consultation process which built on their early consultation work, and facilitating a series of workshops through which the vision and activities of their plan were created. The consultation itself was carried out by community group volunteers with support and co-ordination from R4C.

The first phase of consultation was designed to use very open questions in order to find out what the key issues for local people were, without any preconceptions. The second phase built on the themes which emerged from the first phase, and focused on gathering people’s ideas for actions to build on the good things and tackle the problems.

Irene reviewed the consultation results and wrote the plan, with detailed input from several group members. The plan was then adopted by Shropshire Council, so that it now sits within Shrewsbury's Place Plan and is a material consideration for development planning. The many suggested actions also make it easy to see what the priorities are for allocating any available CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) monies, and for organisations and groups working locally to identify what they can usefully do or help with that will really make a positive difference in the area.

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