Facilitation for the Wellcome Trust

Engaging Science

In December 2014 Mike facilitated an internal team strategic review meeting for the Engaging Science Department of the Wellcome Trust to help them explore their development priorities for 2015. It was a successful meeting identifying ways forwards to meet their priorities.

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is becoming a very important process for healthcare providers and the Wellcome Trust is keen understand how it can better support the development of policy and practice in this area. It was convened by the Engaging Science Team who wanted to explore the overlap between patient involvement in research and public engagement in health and to see where the Wellcome Trust might play a role.

In October 2015 a successful workshop was delivered with 40 people attending from a range of organisations including academics, healthcare professionals and engagement specialists such as Involve. This enabled the Wellcome Trust to gather a lot more information about the engagement sector, who is doing what and what the barriers to more engagement in health are. There was also considerable interest in continuing the conversation around engagement best practice.

In response to this interest Wellcome engaged Mike further in early 2016 to design and facilitate a series of focus group meetings, that would explore patient & public engagement from a range of perspectives including researchers, healthcare professionals and patients. 

To provide a focus the group looked at the process of engagement from the perspective of maternal Health, reviewing how engagement takes place around this issue and using this knowledge to ‘prototype’ new and improved engagement processes.

The prototype is now being refined by staff at the Wellcome Foundation and will be used to promote good practice engagement among health professionals receiving Wellcome Foundation support. 

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More information on the Wellcome Foundation can be found on their website.