Feeding Derbyshire Project

Resources for Change have been appointed as external evaluators for a three year programme focusing on food poverty in Derbyshire.

Derbyshire County Council has been monitoring the need for the services of Food Banks in the county.  The data that has been collected shows that the need for emergency food parcels is not decreasing and is increasing in some instances.

The situation with regard to emergency and, increasingly, chronic food poverty remains a public health issue in Derbyshire, as elsewhere. The County Council recognises that there an economic as well as a moral case to take preventative action to address food poverty. The Council regards this as a key priority and recognises that more must to be done to prevent the need for emergency food parcels, in addition to supporting their provision.

To respond to this issue Derbyshire County Council has funded the Feeding Derbyshire programme.  The programme includes eight projects that aim to improve the food poverty infrastructure in the county.

Between 2015 - 2018 The evaluation will monitor and evaluate the eight individual projects that comprise the Feeding Derbyshire programme; their collective impact on the reduction of food poverty in Derbyshire; and the likelihood of the social and financial sustainability of the projects.

Although a range of monitoring and evaluation methods will be used a key focus of the Resources for Change approach will be reflective practice and action learning.

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