Helen Fairweather

With a Diploma in Town and Country Planning Helen began her careeer in London working in local councils and housing and community charities and she is passionate about people and their living environments. After turning round a failing housing association, she started and built up a housing and care organisation and a pioneering rural care co-operative. She has also managed two of the most successful LEADER funding programmes in England for rural community economic development.

Helen is a very experienced facilitator with extensive expertise in consultation and engaging people from diverse backgrounds, pioneering innovative ways of working with people inclusively and creatively. She has extensive experience of successfully engaging people from disadvantaged communities and managing conflict situations. Her specialisms include social enterprise development, community work, housing and planning.

Helen can be contacted on 01743 891617 or 07962 425515 or by email.


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Light Foot Enterprises

Helen is Co-chair and volunteer surveyor for Light Foot Enterprises, which is an energy efficiency charity working to reduce the energy costs and carbon footprints of households along the English/ Welsh border, and winner of the Big Green Challenge. Lightfoot delivers the Household Energy Survey, energy diaries in schools, and has completed a woodstove users project; read more ...

Shropshire Housing Group Community Development panel

An active member of this panel connecting the social housing provider more closely with their wider community, and appraising applications to their grant fund promoting stronger communities.

Helen has also served on the appraisal panel of the local LEADER programme, and chaired a local network of social enterprises in the English/Welsh Marches.

She is an enthusiast for working horses and ponies, has an Icelandic horse in training and is an amateur horse logger.