We help communities and organisations prepare for the future; Providing a range of resources and change tools that help identify future risks and pressures and the changes that are needed to best meet the challenge of the future. In the last few years we have worked extensively with coastal communities who are already experiencing the impact of climate change and coastal erosion as well as communities at risk of flooding or other major events.

This work in the UK and overseas has meant we have developed particular expertise in impact assessment, and designing systems and interventions to achieve impact at scale.

Clients include:

Work Examples:

Small Woods Association

Coastal Community Engagement for Hampshire County Council

Public engagement into the value of Ecosystem Goods and Services

Sustainability Guidance for ACEVO

Local Food Forward Business Model

Local Growing feasibility study for the National Trust

Welsh-English Border Strategic Regeneration Programme

Marine Spatial Planning Conference facilitation

Community-led Catchment Management Project

Community Flood Planning for Norwich Union