Torfaen County Borough Council

Project Leads

Alison Davies

Alison led the R4C team to work with officers and other stakeholders to identify ways in which they could work cooperatively to develop and produce the plan for the Council. The plan sets out what the Council is already doing, how it can increase effectiveness and a schedule for future measurable actions along with monitoring procedure. This is a legislative requirement under the Environment (Wales) Act.


Development of this plan has focussed on the requirement that it is to be for the whole Council, involving all departments. To achieve this, engagement and consultation with senior staff and team leaders throughout the Council was carried out, so that their perspective and knowledge along with action planning has informed and played a major part in developing the Plan.


The final Report and Action Plan was adopted by the Council. Senior staff and team leaders continue to take this holistic approach, with monitoring and reporting to meet Welsh Government deadlines and legislative requirements.


Click on the image below to be taken to the plan: