How we work

Creating constructive interactions between people and places.

Resources for Change is a socially responsible, employee-owned consultancy with a significant reputation for innovation in involving people in the matters that affect their lives. As a company, Resources for Change originated in 1997 in the field of environmental management and today we still link our expertise in this area with work which integrates people and their environment.

Who we are

Meet the Resources for Change Team.

Resources for Change provides a cross sectoral approach to development and, being a team, offers a wide range of expertise. Based on a core team of 7 experienced consultants, we also work with a range of associates and collaborative partners to provide the right blend of expertise and experience to meet the needs of our wide range of clients.

Featured case study:

Tackling the capacity crisis in the ecology sector

How can we ensure the ecology sector has the right people to meet demand and what is the role for vocational training and qualifications? We worked with Dr Alina Congreve on a research project for CIEEM to examine the capacity crisis in the ecology sector – with demands rising, how can the we address the problems?