Creating constructive interactions between people and places.

Resources for Change is a socially responsible, employee-owned consultancy with a significant reputation for innovation in involving people in the matters that affect their lives. As a company, Resources for Change originated originated in 1997 in the field of environmental management and today we still link our expertise in this area with work which integrates people and their environment. This is achieved through…


Why things are as they are, what might change, and what might bring this change about.

Resources for Change carries out research to complement a range of contracts, this is generally quantitative and qualitative research and includes fieldwork – gathering ‘live’ data which may be used to inform plans and strategies.


Involving people from all walks of life in shaping the change they want to see.

With our focus on “bridging the gap” between strategy and action we are regularly asked to support organisations in hearing the views of their stakeholders, and interpreting what those views may mean.


Finding out what works and embedding the learning.

For Resources for Change evaluation is about learning together – what went well, what didn’t go so well, how things could be improved, how other organisations or projects can learn from your experiences.

Supporting Change

Developing skills and supporting people to work together for their shared benefit.

Resources for Change has supported many communities and organisations to develop and implement successful projects.

Our approach

The needs of all stakeholders are now seen as being integral to the process of change. We aim to facilitate the involvement of communities, groups, individuals, work-forces, managers and strategists in developing sustainable solutions. Through this we ‘bridge the gap’ between delivery, management and strategy. In short, this means we:

Act at Grassroots

Engage with communities, of place and interest; and civil society.

Support the Managers

Bringing practical experience of projects, partnerships and improving delivery.

Advise the Strategists

Advising, evaluating and supporting policy and strategic programme delivery.

Who we work with

We have worked with, and continue to work with, a wide variety of clients from small local community groups and charities, to local authorities, government bodies, SME’s and large corporates based in the UK and abroad, just a few of our more recent clients are shown via the link below.