Anglesey County Council

Project Leads

Deio Jones

Developing a community woodland on Ynys Cybi: An initial Feasibility Study

Resources for Change were commissioned by the Ynys Cybi Landscape Partnership through Anglesey County Council to consult with local communities and stakeholders on the initial idea of developing further community Woodlands on Ynys Cybi.

The Ynys Cybi Landscape Partnership works with local communities to achieve a programme of actions which responds to local priorities.  These include manging natural heritage and the unique historical character of the Island, in a sustainable way.  It also includes creating a ‘sense of place’ through raising awareness and local appreciation of the rich and diverse heritage of Ynys Cybi.  Developing a community woodland is an idea that corresponds with the vision and strategic aims of the Partnership and a way of celebrating the areas special and natural landscape and heritage.

Collaborating with a local associate, we engaged the partnership members and key stakeholders, including the three local community councils.  We also launched an online community survey to capture the views and ideas of the local residents.  These were then explored further during a workshop with key stakeholders in October 2022.

This work was timely as the Welsh Government is promoting the creation of accessible woodland through its long-term National Forest programme, and there are numerous funding opportunities in Wales for enhancing and developing new Community Woodlands.

This initial feasibility study identified that there was strong local support for such a project, however it also highlighted some local challenges that would also need to be overcome before a project was developed, not least ensuring the protection of an existing popular community woodland.

This project should provide the foundation for key partners to identify a suitable site and develop a concrete proposal to take forward in the future and guide them towards accessible funding sources to help finance it.  We wish the Partnership the best of luck going forward, and look forward to hearing of their next project!!