South Downs National Park Authority

Project Leads

Mike King

East Winchester Landscape Conversation

Winchester lies at the Western end of the South Downs National Park which should provide the community with access and recreational opportunities, leading to improved wellbeing and other health benefits. However, the M3 motorway lies between the city and the Downs. On behalf of the South Downs National Park Authority, R4C, working in collaboration with Alison Farmer Associates and Lepus Consulting, designed and delivered a ‘Landscape Conversation’.

Through a series of workshops, we enabled local people – residents, parish councils, landowners, farmers, recreational groups and wildlife organisations – to participate in the development of a wide ranging landscape plan. This plan addressed issues of landscape quality, biodiversity, ecological connectivity, access and recreational opportunities, as well as the need to create a more resilient landscape in the face of changes to farming practices, climate and recreational needs.