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Cambridgeshire ACRE

Project Leads

Mike King

We are very pleased to be working with Cambridgeshire ACRE to evaluate their new NLHF project, ‘New Life on the Old West’ project, which is looking to enhance the resilience of the Fenland landscape through improved habitat connectivity, increased biodiversity and greater opportunities for local people to engage with nature. We will develop an evaluation framework for the project, provide opportunities throughout the delivery phase of the project for reflection and learning and produce both interim and final evaluation reports.


The project will improve community green spaces and create a series of small-scale habitat improvements in the arable landscape, on the extensive ditch network and alongside the rivers running through the landscape. It will also ensure that a wider range of people can access and enjoy their local fenland countryside through diverse educational, events, citizen science and volunteering programme and through this help to create a sense of pride in the unique fens landscape.