Ceredigion County Council

Project Leads

Mike King

Nature Re-Connecting

In December 2020 Resources for Change (R4C) were appointed by Ceredigion County Council acting on behalf of the Climate Change and Natural Resources Project Group of the Ceredigion Public Services Board (PSB), to identify publicly owned land in the county that is accessible and promotes biodiversity and health and well-being.

Initially we developed a long list of public land in Ceredigion that could increase opportunities for nature and people through enhancement, engagement and improving access. This was developed to include over 170 sites throughout the county. Simultaneously to the research contact was made with all of the Town and Community Councils in the County inviting them to make any suggestions or contribute local knowledge of current or planned activities. The ability to work bilingually was important, enabling communication with potential stakeholders to be in their language of choice.

Initially it was planned to prioritise prior to undertaking site visits; however, due to Covid-19 restrictions it was not possible to carry out the visits. It was therefore agreed with the client that the scope would be broadened. MoSCoW prioritisation was used to develop the shortlist following discussion on criteria with the CPSB project group. The final report identified seven themed locations across the county, each providing a continuum and offering for potential for enhancement, climate change mitigation and improving access to nature on a total of 57 sites. GIS maps of each area and the specific sites supported the outline plans for each site.

These themed outline projects will be reviewed by Ceredigion Public Services Board Climate Change and Natural Resources Project Group to take forward through site visits, community consultation, and development of management and maintenance plans. Naturally R4C hopes very much to be involved in these next exciting stages and see the fruition of this exciting project.