Amphibian & Reptile Conservation

Project Leads

Mike King

Evaluating Natures Recovery – Snakes in the Heather

The Smooth Snake is the UK’s rarest reptile but very little is known about its distribution and ecology. This project, led by Amphibian & Reptile Conservation, and which R4C has been engaged to evaluate, is looking, through Citizen Science, volunteering and education, to engage communities in collecting data and taking more responsibility for Smooth Snake habitats.  The project team and their partners were involved in the development of the Evaluation Framework which identified the range of data required for the evaluation and set out the plans for data collection. The interim evaluation provided the team with the opportunity, through data review and stakeholder interviews, to reflect on progress and adjust delivery plans where targets were not being met. The final evaluation reviewed the project impact,  captured lessons learned and identified the key project legacy, which was the development of systems, experience and relationships for ongoing monitoring and habitat management leading to an increase in Smooth Snake number and distribution.


“It’s a good report, which contains many useful insights that we can use to achieve successful design and implementation of future projects. I’d also like to say how much we have enjoyed working with you again, and with Rachael – for sound advice, good communication and a final report which I hope the NLHF will be very satisfied with.”

Dr Karen Haysom

Species Programmes Manager