Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers

Landscape Partnership

Project Leads

Deio Jones

R4C have been commissioned to support the ‘Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers’ Landscape Partnership to deliver their forward thinking ‘Supporting Sustainability’ project.

The project will deliver a series of collaboration and training workshops across the five years, engaging with the Catchment Partnerships and volunteer groups to build capacity, facilitating the creation and up-skilling of new and existing partnerships within the Brecks wider landscape and enable the development of fund-raising skills which will ensure partnership sustainability and legacy beyond the project. Each year will focus on a different theme of partnership development, with guidance and advice being provided as a resource annually.

In 2020 we worked collaboratively with the partners to identify their needs and co-produce the support programme for the first couple of years.  Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, during the first year we focused on remote collaborative working, introducing online platforms and programmes to enable the partners to develop and deliver projects during this difficult time.  During 2021 the focus is on collaborative fundraising, which will be key to developing capacity and financial resilience for both the partners and their projects.