Through Jacob’s education he gained plenty of experience managing time to produce high quality work. Jacob’s work ethic is structured and methodical but adaptable when things don’t go as planned. As part of his degree at Bangor university he gained knowledge of conservation issues relating to marine, estuarine and shore environments.

Jacob Burford

Core competencies

  • Data analysis – Taking large amounts of information and turning it into conclusions that can provide meaningful learning and a guide for what actions should be taken.
  • Report writing – Displaying information and conclusion in an extensive but concise manner to ensure that ideas are properly conveyed.
  • Problem solving – Looking at things from an objective standpoint to determine; What needs to be done? How will this be achieved? What obstacles will need to be resolved?

Education Highlights

During his university degree Jacob had the opportunity to learn about various fields, such as physiology, ecology, oceanography and conservation. Two major aspects present in almost all parts of his degree were research and report writing, which were particularly important when he produced his dissertation on the diving depth of marine mammals. During which Jacob had to do independent research using dozens of sources, then produce figures to a professional standard and write the dissertation as extensively but concisely as possible.

“Resources for change have provided me my first step into the world of work and an opportunity to apply my skills. I am excited for things to come!”

Other stuff

Jacob is a scuba diver and member of the British Sub-Aqua Club. He practices with his local branch in the local swimming pool every week and often assists less experienced divers.