Work in the public, private and third sector with commercial, social and environmental interests, Alison has good strategic knowledge and understands policy and its implementation to engage people in their environment. Accomplished in engagement and consultation Alison’s business development and analytical skills are complemented by her considered, flexible and adaptable approach, which is particularly beneficial when analysing or overcoming problems, or in advisory or diplomatic roles.

Core competencies

Alison’s core competencies are:

  • Business development and trouble-shooting – working to support organisations to develop sustainable solutions to their resilience through capacity building. (Black Mountains Land Use Partnership)
  • Engagement and consultation – supporting groups, organisations and community to identify and address or come to terms with change. Seek mitigation or solutions to move forward in complex situations. (Hampshire CC)
  • Engagement and consultation for forward planning and strategy through dialogue, to involve stakeholders and help them to take ownership of the plan and its implementation. (Community Led Planning in Powys).
  • Strategic planning to meet legislative requirements for example Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience planning. (Torfaen CBC).
  • Facilitation at all levels, accredited in advanced facilitation. Working with organisations(AONB, NRW) communities (Community Economic Development).
  • Experienced in working in public, private and third sector.
  • Alison is a “Green Flag” Judge.

Career Highlights

Prior to joining R4C in 2009 Alison had worked for a county Wildlife Trust as Coordinator and Development Manager before moving to Wildlife Trusts Wales and Environment Wales, where she maintained a portfolio of over 50 projects. She was Regional Manager, with a team of 150 consultants for an international skincare and cosmetics company, Alison also has a key role as partner in the family farm over the past 36 years.

Other stuff

Alison lives in mid Wales and is active in her local community as an elected town councillor; she is also Chairman of a conservation organisation with over 600 local members.

Alison’s recent projects include:

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