Evaluating Citizen Science

The FSC BioLinks project, was exciting citizen science project focusing on the addressing the gaps in knowledge about invertebrate distribution through a lack of biological recorders with the necessary identification skills.

Evaluating Natures Recovery – Snakes in the Heather

The Smooth Snake is the UK’s rarest reptile but very little is known about its distribution and ecology. This project, led by Amphibian & Reptile Conservation, and which R4C has been engaged to evaluate, is looking, through Citizen Science……

Goods from the Woods

The idea for ‘Goods from the Woods’ came from another successful Llais y Goedwig project we evaluated; ‘Dewis Gwyllt’ (Wild Choice).  Deio collaborated with R4C associate Kirsty Wild on this particular evaluation, who brought a wealth of experience to the team regarding both local products and commercial business……

Evaluation Of The Dyfodol Cambrian Futures Project

The Dyfodol Cambrian Futures project aimed to unlock the potential of the Cambrian Mountains area through an integrated approach to sustainable development based upon recognising the landscape, natural, and cultural value of the Cambrian Mountains…..

Dewis Gwyllt Evaluation

‘Dewis Gwyllt’ (Wild Choice) was a joint initiative between Llais y Goedwig and Wild Resources Ltd, exploring and researching opportunities for income generation from wild, forest products to support community woodland groups in Wales…..

Evaluating Nature Recovery – Martens on the Move

Using a mixture of habitat management, citizen science and public engagement this project is looking to create the right ecological and social conditions to encourage the spread of the Pine Marten into new areas in the Scottish and Welsh borders….

Ice Age Ponds

The Ice Age Ponds project set up by the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust to survey and improve the condition of the area’s Ice Age Ponds.

Evaluating Conservation Grazing for Surrey Wildlife Trust

R4C is the lifetime evaluator for this conservation grazing project with Surrey Wildlife Trust, funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund. Conservation grazing delivers a wide range of sustainable habitat benefits. The project will secure the Belted Galloway cattle as ‘bio-engineers’ on Surrey’s unique heathland habitats, providing valuable conservation grazing services to protected habitat sites. …