Catchment Partnerships

The purpose of the workshop, designed and facilitated for the Arun & Rother Rivers Trust, was to progress the development of a revised and updated Catchment Management Plan, providing partners with an opportunity to input information and ideas on the draft document….

Cynllun Busnes ‘Y Ganolfan,’ Llithfaen

Y Ganolfan was forced to close in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 restrictions, but during this period
it was discovered that dry rot had affected the building. The work of addressing this and the damage done to the building has meant that Y Ganolfan has remained closed until 2023, meaning that the rural community has lost one of its main facilities for holding events and community activities…..

The Big Chalk Partnership

The Big Chalk Programme is an initiative developed by a partnership of the calcareous National Landscapes (AONBs and a National Park) from across southern England. In Autumn 2021, with funding provided by Natural England, they engaged Resources for Change to undertake a series of concept development activities including a Landscape Conversation….

East Winchester Landscape Conversation

The M3 motorway lies between the city of Winchester and the Downs. On behalf of the South Downs National Park Authority, R4C, working in collaboration with Alison Farmer Associates and Lepus Consulting, designed and delivered a ‘Landscape Conversation’ ….

Sports and Wellness

We were asked to consult with local activity providers (clubs, groups, businesses etc) and the wider community, to establish what is needed, what is achievable, and to develop an outline business case to evidence this.

Aberdyfi Community Needs Survey

Resources for Change working with Aberdyfi Community Council (Cyngor Cymuned Aberdyfi) to explore the needs of the local community in this seaside resort in the Snowdonia National Park.

The City Downland Estate Plan

Facilitating landscape conversations: giving local people the opportunity to influence what happened to places that are important to them…..

Magical Mammals

R4C worked with the Red Squirrels Trust Wales team to understand their needs and the diverse activities that could involve volunteers and improve wellbeing….