Ty Penrhos Community Survey

This was a short community consultation to support a Shared Prosperity Fund application and followed on from a wide-ranging Community Needs Survey that we had undertaken for the group a couple of years earlier that had identified the importance of keeping local services and businesses such as the Post Office in the village….

Minstead Trust Stakeholder Engagement Research

The Minstead Trust wanted to undertake extensive stakeholder and audience research in order to better position their organisation within the care sector and inform a rebranding exercise. R4C worked with the Trust from July 2023 until February 2024 to plan and deliver a stakeholder and audience engagement exercise, summarised as ‘plan’, ‘listen’, ‘review’ and ‘do’…..

Cynllun Busnes ‘Y Ganolfan,’ Llithfaen

Y Ganolfan was forced to close in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 restrictions, but during this period
it was discovered that dry rot had affected the building. The work of addressing this and the damage done to the building has meant that Y Ganolfan has remained closed until 2023, meaning that the rural community has lost one of its main facilities for holding events and community activities…..

The Big Chalk Partnership

The Big Chalk Programme is an initiative developed by a partnership of the calcareous National Landscapes (AONBs and a National Park) from across southern England. In Autumn 2021, with funding provided by Natural England, they engaged Resources for Change to undertake a series of concept development activities including a Landscape Conversation….